KLASS EVENTS | How To Be the Most Successful Exhibitor at Any Trade-show, Expo & Event Monday 9th August, 2021
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How To Be the Most Successful Exhibitor at Any Trade-show, Expo & Event Monday 9th August, 2021


DATE: Monday 9th August
TIME: 7:30 PM till 9:30 PM
VENUE: Your Computer Screen
COST: $49.00


So you are branching out into the marketplace with your new business, with your new product or service, you see an “opportunity” to be an Exhibitor at a Trade-show or Expo or Business Event.

You register! Yey, GO YOU!

Paid a gazillion dollars for a tiny spot called a “booth” or “stall” or “space” no bigger than a shoe-box, spent your money on products in the hope to sell them all, but at the end of the day have not sold one single thing, made very few connections,the people that said they would come to your stand didn’t,  you now have to pack down all the stuff you bought with you and you go home disheartened and feeling like a flop?

Does that sound like you? Have you been a TRADE-SHOW Casualty?

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As business owners showcasing our products and services is essential to put our foot out into the Marketplace.

“How to be the most successful exhibitor at any trade show, expo or event” well that takes planning, skill and Plan A, B, C in fact the whole alphabet.

Hi, I’m JOSIE KEARSEY – Klass Events Director

I have been creating events for a very long time and have had many exhibitors bring their wares and try to win business, sell products and create leads, some have winged it others have been successful, while others questioned what went wrong.
So I have created this very special Klass and I will share the key elements of selling and connecting by sight, touch, smell and feel at any Expo or Event.
How Showcasing your products and services is an art and for the dollars spent to exhibit you want to ensure you have included the very best to attract and convert every passerby into a lead, potential client or better still a customer.
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There are tips to being successful at any Expo or Event.
This is your showcase to say to the world,“ THIS IS WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING”, this is what makes me jump out of bed in the morning.
Learn from the Queen of Events – Josie Kearsey Director of Klass Events.
“I have been creating Events for the best part of 20+ years and I have seen them all. In this very interactive class I will share with you the “do’s” and “don’ts” about how to exhibit your product or service at any trade-show, event or expo successfully, convincingly and without effort. I will give you insights into what your prospective customers impressions are in the first 10 seconds of visiting your stall.
You don’t have to sell a thing, let your Stall do all the selling for you! Let me show you how!” Josie Kearsey – Director Klass Events.

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It’s nice to exhibit your products and services but if the elements of attraction are not there then your money and time have been wasted.

So How Prepared are You as an Exhibitor before an Event?

Like a Website your prospects attention span is less than 5 seconds, so what will set your stand apart from all the rest?

Have you prepared the several selling dialogues and conversations you will need to have ready for your moving prospects?

What is your game plan when you exhibit, or you have only thought about how nice your products will look?

Showcasing at any trade-show, event or expo all have very different elements, let me show you the difference and why you need to be rehearsed.


The tiny things make all the difference! Find out what they are.


Creating this event is fun, giving you my Top Tips is my pleasure.

I want to help you be the most successful exhibitor so you can sell and create a buzz and excitement about what you are showcasing.

I look forward to a great event with you and teaching some of the things that will be invaluable to you as a business owner.

Book Here as classes are limited in numbers.


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