KLASS EVENTS | Women Rising Above The Status Quo Conference ~ Saturday 12th August, 2023 Melbourne
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Women Rising Above The Status Quo Conference ~ Saturday 12th August, 2023 Melbourne


Women Rising Above The Status Quo Conference.

Saturday 12th August, 2023

Rendezvous Hotel, 328 Flinders Street, Melbourne.

Conference Start Time: 9:00 AM Networking Tea and Coffee

Conference Commences 9:30 AM SHARP

Conference Concludes 4:00 PM.

EARLY BIRD TICKET PRICES $97.00pp till 20th July, after $125.00pp (inc Morning Tea, Buffet Luncheon, Afternoon Tea) Tables seat 10 guests.


Women, rising above the status quo, women rising to the challenge!

Women are stepping outside of boundaries, breaking down barriers, and creating new paths for others to follow. They are leading the way in politics, business, and culture, disrupting the status quo and inspiring the next generation of female leaders. Their success is a testament to the power of resilience and determination.

This is a movement that is gaining momentum, and is one that will have lasting impacts for generations to come. Women are now more empowered than ever to take on roles that have traditionally been held by men and to pursue their dreams without fear. It is an exciting time for female leaders around the world.


We welcome women from all walks of life to join us for this very insightful and inspiring women’s conference, where there are no holes barred and excellence is the hallmark by which we gather.

Join us!


Josie Kearsey | Klass Events Director

Conference Hostess and Event Emcee



Zahrina Robertson ~ Leading Personal Branding Photographer and Videographer, Leading Brander for SPEAKERS + COACHES, Award Winning Brand Photographer+Video, Speaker & Artist.

Zahrina is a passionate professional entrepreneur who is at the top of her game with the know on how to GET THE COMPETITIVE EDGE with quality Photography, Videography, and visual brand assets.
Working with Speakers & Leaders to develop impactful visual assets, so they connect to a wider audience, get paid their worth, and be in demand.
For over 8 years, Zahrina has been working closely with Thought Leaders, Women in Business, and Entrepreneurs creating their brand stories with world-class personal branding photography and storytelling videos. Her ethos is a personal approach creates a powerful brand to stand out. Drawing on her knowledge and expertise in marketing, public relations, and profile building, teamed with an expert understanding of national and international brands, she has successfully identified the power of personal branding for speakers and leaders. Traveling globally, sharing her insights to help people achieve success and profit with personal branding.
Zahrina’s recent appearance on Channel 10’s Studio 10 morning show revealed a new side of her talents which have taken her by storm.
It is a privilege to showcase Zahrina’s talents both as a photographer and videographer,  but she will also bring out another of her prolific talents that will astound and inspire the audience.
We can’t wait for you to meet her and be enlightened by her gifts and receive some amazing insights into her world.



Dr Zara Celik ~ Amara Wellness Centre

Dr. Zara’s heart centered approach to health and wellness is backed up by her degrees in Complimentary Medicine and Clinical Chiropractic. She has also completed studies at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition in New York, and has trained with some of the world’s top coaches, including Tony Robbins, Chloe Madanes, Mark Peysha and Magale Peysha.
Dr Zara is also an experienced mindset and high performance coach. She’s helped high-level executives, entrepreneurs, and celebrities around the world reach their career, health, and wellness goals.
Dr Zara offers a holistic method to all her treatments and digs deep down to find the root cause of the problem as opposed to finding a solution on an outer level.
Dr Zara’s mission is to educate, empower, and guide women in all areas of their life. By sharing her knowledge, expertise and personal journey, her goal is to transform her clients’ health and wellbeing.
Dr Zara Celik has a background in health science, complementary medicine, masters trained Chiropractor. She is a Demartini Facilitator and studies at Demartini Institute.
With a deep interest in integrative nutrition and herbal medicine, Dr Zara has also qualified as an integrative functional nutrition health coach and wellness expert at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition in New York. As an integrative functional health practitioner, she has special interest in gut health, hormone health, fatigue, and stress management.
Dr Zara holds a wealth of knowledge and everyday know-how to help you tackle the stressors of modern life.


Katie Edwards ~ CEO My Social Sisters

INTRODUCNG the indelible and dynamic Katie Edwards.
An avid entrepreneur and visionary, here are some of the things she has accomplished in a very short time.
  • Built a Mum’s Support Community of over 12,000 mums
  • Created a Powerful work from home program
  • Mentored leading ladies
  • Implemented protocols into the Medical Profession with high performance Gut Health & Immune Supplements
  • Empowered the anti-aging industry
After going through a  very rough domestic violence situation 6 years ago, with no home, no money, and no community and now with a baby, Katie rose above the status quo.
“I lived in a shed for 6 months with my baby in 35 degree heat! We survived some of the toughest times I can’t even begin to tell you!!! BUT …. I decided this would NOT break me !!! ????
I had my son for my strength, I had my dignity to rebuild … and I was NOT prepared to FAIL ….
I decided that if I was to survive I needed to do something and become an advocate for other mums and this is where my incredible journey began.
So Far… with a TEAM of other women …. We have! And the BEST is yet to come !!!
Katie Edwards ~ My Social Sisters



Dr Anna Popova

Dr Anna Popova has been an educator for over twenty years. She holds three university degrees, including Bachelor of Education, Master of Sciences in International and Comparative Education and a PhD. She currently works as a senior lecturer at Australian Catholic University.

Anna is passionate about thoughts and ideas that help shake the status quo that our reality is pushing us into. Having immigrated from Russia to the UK, and then from the UK to Australia, and having visited 30 countries in the world, she has broadened her worldview and has developed an admiration for things that are different and out of the box.

A survivor of anorexia, Anna is an advocate for a new way of seeing women: natural, authentic and fearless. She would like to inspire these aspirations in others.



Lorene Roberts ~ Root Cause Therapist & Counsellor

Lorene Roberts, a founder of Love Light Inspire and host of the podcast WOW- Love Light Inspire.

A serial entrepreneur with a passion for business with lots of business failures as well as fabulously successful runs on the board.

At 50 her life turned upside down and she had to start all over again in life and had to reinvent herself as a single person in a new career and establish a new home, He personal learning curve was massive. Overcoming obstacles is the greatest way to learn the most amazing lessons in life and once you have done it, there is nothing better than to help others do the same.

Lorene is a productivity strategist, an action mentor especially to women who want to transform their lives or build businesses, with a passion for self-development as well as business, and she understands that combining “know how” and “mindset” is the key for success.

I love working with passionate women and seeing the change they can make in their own lives by getting into action. Almost everything I do is designed especially for women who want to learn and know more about business, more about life, more about why they  do the things they do. I look forward to meeting you at the Conference and helping you rise above the status quo.

Lorene Roberts



Sue Mathieson ~ Blogger, Speaker & Author

Aligning purpose with God-given, natural and acquired gifts (through learning and life experience), Sue creates magical potential.

Her story is one that some have experienced in life. Sue overcame years of depression, emotional and financial abuse and is now becoming the fullest expression of herself in her career, business and relationships. Working with women from all walks of life Sue’s motivational and transformational training workshops leave attendees changed and renewed within and without.

“I find new ways of thinking and growing I challenge myself to find creative solutions to problems and push the boundaries of what I can achieve. I strive to continuously improve and learn, so I can be the best version of myself”.

Sue Mathieson


Tessa Jetson ~ Founder ~ Restart Your Life Retreats

Every event created has a purpose, this event is not any different so we are partnering with Tessa Jetson to fundraise for Restart Your Life Retreat.
Restart Your Life Retreat was created for women to restart their lives and finding new purpose and value again, with bright new beginnings.
The retreats are hosted and run by Founder Tessa Jetson who has personally experienced DV, trauma, change and now is thriving as a Global Director of a global company.
Tessa’s mission is to bring change through her powerful programs created by her, Procrastinator Buster and Habits Buster Programs.
We are delighted to help with this very worthy cause.

*Event tickets once purchased are non refundable but transferable to another guest to attend in your place.

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