KLASS EVENTS | I AM WOMAN … Watch Me Soar Event
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I AM WOMAN … Watch Me Soar Event

10 Sep I AM WOMAN … Watch Me Soar Event

What a fantastic night was had by all the women who attended the I AM WOMAN WATCH ME SOAR Night Event.

The Speakers were nothing short of being real, sharing their stories and where they have been in their careers and lives. Each delivered their truth, their expressions and their achievements.

From Annie Kallis climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to the Nkandu Beltz sharing her incredible opportunity to be a part of the United Nations and now calling Australia her home gave all of us a slice of their world and their lives. Pauline Walker and her dream team were there to inspire belief that you can achieve much if you put your plan into action.

The show was stolen by the impeccable Ms Diana Abruzzi – Founder and Creator of the International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry. Her story and experiences left the audience wanting to hear more.

Again Cinema Models put on a very elaborate fashion show with very special designer clothes from leading designer brands.

I AM WOMAN showed us that no matter what, where or how you get to make it in life you have to be willing to try, willing to dare and willing to soar. You create the wind beneath your own wings.

Our next event will be scheduled in 2017 and we will see many more speakers helping us to SOAR towards our greatest excellence.

Josie Kearsey.

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